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    Restyler - is a universal platform for professionals and amateurs, which allows them to create arts, buy and sell them.

    This Platform also contains an Images and Artwork Editor with a built-in AI system which allows the designers to instantly get many combinations of colour and line-up solutions, which saves them from the traditional routine and allows them to focus on creativity. Restyler provides global online services via app platform with priority markets in Australia, United States (US), Europe.

    IPS professional team created this bespoke software solution by order of Restyler Ltd. We have carried out the necessary R & D, fully created the platform, as well as a human-oriented UI/UX interface and AI Based Image Editor. Now we provide Tailored It services & supports fro this project that allow it to grow.

    Project Detailed Information

    Innovation and creation are the pride and soul of an artist/designer, they would not want to make something in favour of external sources but endear to their creation.

    Restyler optimizes the designer's work process by removing all the routine from it, providing more opportunities for professorial creativity. Unlike other products, we focus specifically on creativity, removing the daily routine as much as possible from the processes of creating digital content.

    Project Core Functionality

    All Restyler users have the following key features:

    • Purchase the necessary templates and images on our marketplace.
    • Edit purchased images in the built-in Editor in various image formats.
    • Upload edited images in various formats to your devices, to social networks or print.
    • Sell your digital works on our marketplace and earn money.
    • Participate in the community of designers and just registered users: like the designers you like, write your opinions and comments, communicate with other users.

    Project Main Features

    We enable our users to use the following professional-level but ease to use features for your endless creativity:

    • Our branding algorithm allows you to select individual elements from different images and combine them into one new drawing.
    • We have developed an excellent toolkit for creating Mash-Ups:
    • You can collect various elements for your picture and completely change its plot.
    • You can use both our ready-made images and add your elements.
    • You will also be able to add elements to make your picture come to life.
    • Our Image Presets Variation option allows you to create your unique design even before you start editing it. You do not need to waste time on the selection of traditional colour combinations - our AI will immediately offer them to you.
    • Brandbook consideration processes and many more.

    Project Benefits to Client

    • Arrow right Image | IPSUser-friendly search interface that assists searching for a product as close to their vision
    • Arrow right Image | IPSAutomation to digitize the arts they bought or any arts into digitalize material ready for use
    • Arrow right Image | IPSOpportunity to get in touch with talented artists to seal a deal with their own company
    • Arrow right Image | IPSThe minimalistic design of the interface with advanced features done
    • Arrow right Image | IPSMany advanced professional-level features make the work more interesting, leave more time for creativity and kill the traditional routine.
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