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We are

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    A professional IT development company based in Australia
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    With more than 10 years of experience in the implementation of IT projects
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    More than 120 successful IT projects
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    Our team of professional developers consists of more than 70 people
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    We always have an original approach to solving the problems of our clients
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We deliver comprehensive IT solutions that enable your vision to go further.
Our customers receive the most relevant IT services tailored to develop and grow your business.

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Why Clients Choose Us

IPS is an Australian owned software, web and mobile application development company with the offices located in Sydney and Melbourne. Our creative and talented team uses cutting edge technology to turn your business ideas into business success.
We deliver value to our clients worldwide.

Introducing Intelligent Profit Solutions
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Our services

We offer to our customers a range of high-tech IT services for software development

10+ years in Australia. We work globally but think locally

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web development services
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business process automation
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mobile apps development services
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data visualization, intelligence & dashboard
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business it consulting & management services
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Advanced technology it services
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Personnel management service

Recently completed projects


our clients

We are very proud of the relationship we have with our clients and constantly strive to offer them the most effective IT solutions for their business.


We have served a range of businesses from a range of industries. Most of our past and present clients include CEOs of large companies, top management, CTOs, and businesses with 10+ people.



Over 10 years we have helped companies from different industries – from traditional Professional Services to young and raising FinTech startups. Understanding different details and requirements – from handling sensitive personal data to secured transaction, from B2B sales to B2C customer experience – make us ready to handle challenging tasks on software development with full understanding of your industry specifics.







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tools & instruments

instruments we use

tools & instruments

To provide real IT solutions for our clients, we use the most modern, proven tools and technologies for creating software products based, among other things, on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies.

Our Process

how can we start together

Our team works with well-structured, tested processes that can assure results. this assurance is underpinned by experience in working on complex and challenging technical solutions.

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Having an idea, looking to expand or needing an updated solution for your current system - it can be confusing to know where to start.

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IPS have the experience and expertise to listen to your needs, analyse your current systems and design a solution that will optimise your day-to-day running procedures.

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Together, we can take the headaches out of running your successful business and get you back on track, giving you back the freedom to focus on what you want.

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Analyse your existing processes and infrastructure

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Establish an action plan with close discussion with you, making sure you anderstand what we are doing

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Execute each step of the plan complete with systematic testing, while maintaining strong client communication so you will never be left in the dark

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Understand your requirements and problems you and your business experience

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Attention to detail: including maintaining or improving your brand with our design work & focus on usability for users who uses technology on daily basis

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Maintenance and review. we are staying with you

What we can do for you

custom software solutions

Tailor-made solutions ranging from web-design to complex system implementation and deployment (e.g. erp) to help you to achieve your business goals.

Saving your time so you can concentrate on most important for your business

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proper planning and project management
  • Fully understand requirements and align on deliverables
  • Time and budget control
  • Weekly and milestones reports and meetings
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best practices
  • Conduct market fit and validate your ideas
  • Multiple platforms and architectures
  • Cross-industry experience
  • Long-term maintenance, supports and updates
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development team
  • Innovative solutions
  • Ability to use best available expertise
  • Expert dedicated project manager
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With Intelligent Profit Solutions, there is no one-size-fits-all package. Ready your business for the technological revolution. Adapt and prosper with an immortal game plan by getting in touch today. The future waits for no-one. if you have a project idea or a problem that you need to solve, we are ready to discuss with you the detailis of possible cooperation. please contact us and we will advise you free of charge.

with respect to you and your business.
the ips team.